Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe is to meet with the military commanders

Political turmoil over the past week in Zimbabwe has led to new developments as Zimbabwean officials are taking steps to bring a peaceful solution to the country in the face of a number of voices calling for General Robert Mugabe resignation.

According to sources, President Mugabe, who is still detained after the military took control of the country on Nov. 15, is expected to meet with the head of the military soon. The meeting took place under the mediation of a prominent priest in the country, supposedly for Mr Mugabe to announce his resignation.

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On the same day, the party’s central committee will also hold a special session today to remove the chairman of the ZANU-PF party. with President Mugabe.

In addition to resigning Mugabe’s party chair, the meeting will also reinstate the party’s vice president for former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwaa and Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe from the leadership of the Federation of Women. of this party.

Earlier, the ruling party called on Mugabe to step down. An unnamed source from ZANU-PF said that if Mugabe refuses, the ZANU-PF party will proceed to prosecute him on Nov. 21. This is the latest sign that the 93-year-old’s power has collapsed after the military seemed to have taken control of the country earlier this week.

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The information was immediately received a positive response from Zimbabwe public opinion. More than 10,000 people in Zimbabwe have poured out into the streets to celebrate.

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A Zimbabwean person says, “Our lives here will be different. The dawn of a new era for Zimbabwe has emerged. “

“We came here to convey the message to Mr. Mugabe and his wife that they should retreat,” another said.

The current complexities not only exacerbate the lives of Zimbabweans struggling with the economic downturn but also threaten to lead to violent conflict in the country, For peace, security and stability for the whole of southern Africa.