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OpenWheeler - steer a real racing car in your... house

You'll discover that OpenWheeler is a catch-all PC racing simulator for purpose built race cars with the wheels placed outside the vehicle's main body. This is different, in fact, from vehicles which have their wheel below the body in the style of most normal street cars. F1 racers are open-wheelers which is the foremost race genre as far as single-seaters are concerned.

A definition of what an open-wheel car actually is

The racer's body is encircled in a minimal single-seater cockpit, defining the regular open-wheeler style, with his head exposed to the air. Behind the racer the engine is placed, which propels the back wheels. Most types of single-seaters have a very low and virtually flat under-tray which helps produce supplementary aerodynamic downforce that pushes the car onto the circuit, with wings placed at the front and at the back side of the vehicle.

Drive the rapidest and most impressive race cars... in your bedroom

Single-seater vehicles are the swiftest and most exhilarating race vehicles to steer, being the best way for aspiring drivers to master their trade. This is due to their light weight, aerodynamic capacities, forceful engines, which are good for their cost. Before joining the Formula 1 ranks virtually all F1 drivers spend some period in different open-wheeler categories. Even so, you have to remember that the cars do not specifically resemble road vehicles, and that aerodynamics prefer number one racers over tailing opponents, which makes overhauling problematical, not to touch on the fragility of the cars making bumping and jostling frequent in touring and stock car racing nigh impossible - well, only a few single-seater categories will drag enormous masses.

Xbox Gaming Seat

What a video game driver necessitates for supreme gaming control

But at the same time, however, OpenWheeler, being a Xbox gaming chair, provides stability and satisfaction you won't come across that easy. It has a simple design yet is fortified by high quality constituents which make it a one of a kind and remarkably satisfactory appliance as far as any racing game wheel and racing video game platform is concerned. The chassis and the racing chair itself deliver all the stability a game racer needs for ultimate game control.

A perfect driving position. The PC racing gamer's dimensions don't matter

In fact, it's OpenWheeler's chassis which represents the key part of this most astounding driving cockpit simulator. You'll find its design is both simple, efficient, presenting gamers with flexibility and the aforementioned stability to operate with any hand wheel or any other game controller. When it comes to adjustment and position, OpenWheeler is really easy to handle, being created with the lightest components possible. And, to be frank, it can't be made much lighter than this, and still integrate the same stability characteristics. You'll find out that fixing the optimal driving position is a piece of cake, being both simple and intuitive, to the extent that the gamer's size or age are not important either. It becomes into the ultimate video game driving seat once it's adjusted to the driver's most preferred angle - and we're talking simulator here - creating perfect harmony between racer and race.

A solid, dependable and delightful car driving seat

It's just incredible the way in which this excellent piece of engineering has been devised and produced. The actual line is ideal with nothing being too much, and with everything being just where it has to be, while at the same time continuing to be so firm and durable. And the steel work is smooth and firm too, with every junction made with excellence, and, if you just take a glance at the chassis, you'll shortly cherish the huge effort and the deep enthusiasm which have gone into the making of this brilliant piece of technical effort which will leave you awestruck! The paintwork complete with a subtle powder gloss resembles an aeroplane design rather than a most enduring piece of work for home entertainment. It indeed looks as though it's needlessly solid and accurate - joking apart!

Xbox Gaming Seat

And, as for the arrival of OpenWheeler on the scene - well, it offers an actual driving car game cockpit made just for motor racing, which superbly fits the chassis mount like a glove! In fact, the designers sustained the original mounting base, thus enabling players to glide the chair backwards and forwards so as to receive their most preferable racing pose. This makes OpenWheeler an authentic driving gadget with an excessively flexible functionality. The seat presents the driver with the feeling delivered by a real racing vehicle and at the same time completes the single-seater simulator's structure. And the emotion is unbelievable where you can't contrast it with anything else played before, and, with the gamers feeling in control the whole time, it provides for ultimate car simulation! As it is, we can go as far as to assert that, with the appropriate video game wheel, the car racing cockpit simulator becomes into the ultimate virtual instrument.

A thoroughly adjustable car driving seat

OpenWheeler offers a lifespan guarantee and is fabricated with ultra light yet strong materials. It is easy to mount. It is foldable for convenient storage as well. It's the best and most operable solution for those indoor race simulations which offers an incredible true-to-life experience. OpenWheeler comes as a fully flexible cockpit simulator which slides back and forth on solid metal rails. Identically, the home driving simulation game wheel is also adjustable, this being in terms of height, and, as for the miscellaneous size requirements, the pedal mount can be adapted to fit these as well. You'll also find it's consistent with all major steering video game wheel and driving video game console models.

An awesome home racing simulator chair. Suits kids and adults

At first glimpse the OpenWheeler driving game cockpit appears really amazing, but when you run it, it seems even better. It takes racing simulation to an entirely different plane, and, as a gamer, you'll be pinned to the chair forever! And you will find out there's a lightness and delicacy here that you'll not discover in other simulators. It's also an optimal component for any home video game console or PC given the ultra adjustability that OpenWheeler offers. And age or body size are not important - the Xbox driving seat can serve anyone and everyone of any age group, as we have mentioned, from kids as young as four, to elderly citizens, who still have the drive and the flame in them!

Invert your home into a racing circuit. With OpenWheeler

As it is, the OpenWheeler racing simulator is absolutely brilliant - something, which racers will find almost straight away, from the start: the first decisive second... when your living room will be turned into a driving track. The chassis is integrated with a proficient video game driving chair. And you could allege this is what specifies the essential difference between driving games and racing simulation.

Rare racing realism. Purely phenomenal

It is utterly one of a kind! This is the feeling you'll acquire when racing with OpenWheeler. It is video driving wholly regenerated! It's wholly different from availing of console controllers, keyboards or joysticks. This is genuine driving where even older and not so practiced video game racers feel immensely improved. It's speedier and more proficient. It's the seat that renders OpenWheeler special by all and every means. And you'll find that racing in it is terrific and splendid!

Real driving simulation and practice

Actually, we'd go as far as to say that driving simulation has never been more realistic pitching drivers and their race in ideal rapport and symmetry with this astonishing piece of engineering.
And, if you're looking for an absolutely different degree of racing experience, OpenWheeler brings driving cockpits to this desirable new degree where you'll penetrate even greater peaks.

A fantastic convenience you will not find out in any other racing seat simulator

It's not only lighter than others but more adaptable and advanced whereby driving feels racy and energetic. It also blends lightness and accessibility you don't find with any other simulator.
It's splendid, in fact! Drivers feel part of this virtual mechanism, part of something fabricated by fans and not technicians.
Feel stuck to the seat.
OpenWheeler is a driving contrivance.