US-led forces to usher ISIS boss into ‘corridor of death

The death cult is facing increasing pressure from US-backed forces in Mosul as they hope to flush the remaining jihadis into the so-called “corridor of death”.

Iraqi forces are clinging to the hope the ISIS founder remains in the Iraqi city and is desperately looking to flee.

Al-Baghdadi – the world’s second most wanted man – has an £8million bounty on his head and is wanted dead or alive by the US Department of State.

A spokesman for the Iraqi forces said: “If we do that, then this area will become a killing zone as we target them with our aircraft.”

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Fuad Hussein, chief of staff to Kurdish President Massoud Barzani, said Baghdadi is currently in the besieged city.

Mr Hussein told the Independent: “Baghdadi is there and, if he is killed, it will mean the collapse of the whole [ISIS] system.”

He added that the evil terror mastermind had been keeping a low profile for the past nine months.

Baghdadi declared the formation of his twisted nation in the city of Mosul but their so-called caliph remains under serious threat.

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Iraqi forces began their onslaught on Mosul a just two weeks ago, after crazed Islamic jihadis took control of the city in 2014.

A western corridor to the city will be left open for jihadis to escape as US-led forces push their troops around the north, south and eastern borders of Mosul, according to an Iraqi elite forces commander.

Major-General Najim Abed al-Jubouri claimed that by forcing ISIS out into a corridor, it decreases the likelihood of a humanitarian crisis.

Major Salam Jassim said: “We’ll try to give them an escape to run to Syria.”

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The population estimates of the city range from between 700,000 to 1.8million people and it is expected the jihadis will use civilians as human shields to protect their twisted cause.

Talking about the corridor, al-Jubouri said: “The population is the big challenge for us — so we must fight Isis outside Mosul, not inside.”

Major Salam Jassim said: “We’ll try to give them an escape to run to Syria.”