The UK and China have agreed to more than double the number of flights allowed to operate between the two countries

The UK and China have agreed to more than double the number of flights allowed to operate between the two countries, following successful negotiations in London earlier this month.

The move is set to boost tourism and trade opportunities for the UK—links which will be vital as the UK looks to build a global Britain post-Brexit.

Under the new deal passenger flights can now increase from the current maximum of 40 per week for each nation to up to 100. There will be no limit on the number of all-cargo services, creating new opportunities for UK trade and businesses.

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A restriction on the number of destinations that airlines can serve has also been lifted, meaning services can be operated between any point in the UK and any point in China. Up until now, airlines could only serve six destinations in each country.

“Strong connections with emerging markets like China are vital for us if we are to continue competing on the global economic stage,” said UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. “Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people visit the UK every year, spending hundreds of millions of pounds. Raising the number of permitted flights between the two countries will provide massive opportunities for our businesses, helping increase trade, create jobs and boost our economy up and down the country.”

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“These new arrangements will further strengthen British-Sino relations,” said UK Aviation Minister Lord Ahmad. “Post Brexit, improving trade links with key markets such as China will boost exports and tourism, as well as helping create jobs and strengthening our local economies. This deal demonstrates that the UK is very much open for business.”

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Earlier this year Manchester Airport launched the first direct route between the UK and China from an airport outside of London, bringing an estimated £250 million in economic benefits to the UK over the next decade.

The final decision on additional flights is a commercial one for airlines.