Project 2045, The Nigeria of Our Dream

What comes to the minds of most Nigerians when they hear the sound of 2045, is wow! That is too far, but the truth is, it shall come either we see it on not. This is the exact attitude possessed by the past and present leaders, lack of future plans for the next generation of Nigerians. This is why one leader after the other comes with a thousand promises of what he wants to achieve within four years or eight years. “Rome Was Not Built in a Day”, is a common quote they all know too well, but because of lack of vision for the future, they never remember this quote of life.

The bricks of development are never laid by one man, but the process is laid by one. One with a vision that he knows will transcend his life time, a vision he knows he might live to see or not, but he is certain when it comes his name will be remembered for life. Nigerian leaders, past, present and the ones to come, the masses are asking, what can we remember you for that bring joy to our hearts, that which we can tell as tales of joy to our children? Besides wealth accumulation and fame, what else will you be remembered for? Yes! It is quick to point to a project you started, but of what use is a project that cannot stand the test of time? Of what importance is a project that was executed at the expense of the interest of the masses? If truly there was a road map to Nigeria Development, after 56 years we should see the completion of one thing, because 56 years is more than enough to complete power generation project, more than enough to complete road networking projects, more than enough to establish food security but not one of these can we boast to have today.

The question now is what project does Nigeria need? This project is better understood before it is given a name. Simply put, as the population increases at a geometric rate, so also is the underdevelopment of Human Resource, which is the true wealth of a nation. This is evidence in the increase of joblessness, local crime, imported goods of all kinds etc.  I hereby wish to suggest to the present and future leaders of this land of ours, that I have compared Nigeria with the so called developed nations and I found no difference except one, Lack of Human Resources. The United States of America, Great Britain and China are by no natural means better than Nigerian, they have natural resources to cater for their people and we have too. They are only better because their Human Resources are highly advanced. Blessed be Mother Nature, that has made it possible for everyone who chooses to develop his natural and acquired intellect, to attain to the height of his mental quest.  Nigeria can sustain herself with the natural resources deposited in this land, she can feed herself, clothe herself, power herself, but she lacks the knowhow.

Project 2045 The Nigeria of Our Dream JessyNews

According to wise King Solomon, It is an abomination, “to see princes walk on foot while servants ride on horses”. So also it is an abomination to have abundant natural resources without adequate developed human resources to man them. This is why Citizens of Nigerian are found at the lows of almost every establishment, taking up the menial and crude jobs in their own land while the foreigners are the managers. This is an abomination! We cannot take up menial and crude jobs in foreign lands and still do same in our own land, it has to stop.  For this to stop, I suggest that a 30 years Project be embarked upon to see a new Nigeria take her place with the league of great nations. This Project is Tagged “Nigerian Human Resources Development Project 2045”.

Nigeria can and will attain her glory on planet earth as the hope of Africa. To actualize this destiny, we must develop our human resources beyond dependency on human resources importation to human resources exportation, this is what we lack and this is what we need. This is aimed at developing advance and adequate human resources to man every sector of the economy with firm focus on Science & Technology, Agriculture, Manufacturing and mostly importantly governance.

There is a major flaw in the present academic curriculum which this project will address, that is the offering of irrelevant subjects to students who does not need them and it is called “electives”. The word elective in itself means ‘non-compulsory’, so if it not, why then do students have to  waste their time with it? So the teaching of all subjects will be abolished from the curriculum of secondary and tertiary schools and left in the preliminary (Primary School) stage. The preliminary stage is when all the subjects are introduced to the pupil; this is to ascertain their strength and weakness with the hope of shaping them into the right course to study thereafter. To achieve this, there will be in every primary school both private and public, the department of Guidance and Counseling as well as the Department of Psychology.   These two departments will work in collaboration to help shape the minds of every pupil towards their strengths.

At the secondary school level all identified science inclined student shall be placed in the science class from JSS 1 where only science subjects will be taught. Likewise Art and Social Science students will be separated in their own classes. With this, they will not have to be in secondary school for six years to pass WAEC or NECO. Now when they proceed to the tertiary institutions they will graduate with excellent grades and become experts in the field of their endeavour.

The use of Handouts will also be abolished. This is a very great evil to our educational systems; students no longer own text books or read them at the library to understand beyond their lecturers understanding. The system now is,” read your lecturer’s handout and pass his exam”. No little wonder most students these days only read their handouts during test and exams. This is a killer of creativity. Creativity is the direct result of understanding, therefore if students are mandated to own and read their recommended text books there is all possibility that some will understand even better than their lectures, because research has shown that two persons may study the same material but have different understand due to the application of their sixth sense.  When these happen we have geniuses creating wonderful ideas from that same text book their lecturers read only for the purpose of lecturing, but geniuses create ideas that improve economy and living standard of the people.

Achieving highly developed human resources,  will be a definite planned purpose to purchase these intellectual resources directly and indirectly from these nations that have them.  Directly by;

  1. Importing teachers and professors from these nations with fat payment to encourage them to come.
  2. Building modern day free State of The Art Research and Development Centers in every geopolitical zone. To handle the researching and development of ideas from individuals and institutions. These Centers will be manned by foreigners whose chief responsibility is to impact their knowledge in their Nigerian assistants. These assistants will be the ones to man and impart others when the foreigners are gone. With these Research and Development Centers, Science & Technology, Agriculture and Health Professors will be mandated to carry out researches in their various fields either individually or collectively. This will help improve the quality of what they offer to the students and there will be room for new discoveries.
  3. Building and equipping every school with modern science laboratories and libraries.
  4. Sponsoring Teachers, Lectures and professors to acquire specific knowledge from these advance countries with a commitment to return home with meaningful results that must be demonstrated or else he or she loses his job and the certification withdrawn.
  5. Giving scholarships to student with excellent abilities in certain field to study abroad under strict supervision and a contract to return to Nigeria and serve the nation either publically or privately.

Indirectly too, we will develop the economy by sponsoring foreign workers to work in advance companies overseas with the main purpose of directly acquiring first hand practical knowledge of their operational system.

The absence of an advance data collection, monitoring and management system will mar this project, so we will put in place advance collection, monitoring and management systems for proper policing of the country. The first data collection system which is the major is ‘Human Data Collection System’ (HDCS). It will be shameful if we cannot tell the true identity of every individual that lives in the country after all the above has be put in place, that means there will still be unidentified missing persons and unidentified criminals, therefore, HDCS is important. This system is the simplest data collection system; it starts at a child’s birth. All hospitals, Maternity Homes, Schools, and Law Enforcement Agencies will be mandated to have a biometric data scanner that posts the individual’s data to a central controlled server. The access to the data submission interface will be securely restricted to only authorized organizations, while data retrieval will be by the Law Enforcement Agency. With this system in place we will be able to carry out criminal investigation with confidence that the culprit will not go unpunished, We can as well with confidence ascertain claims by political aspirants and office holders, we can identify a missing person at ease, there will not be a child on the street whose parent he or she does not know and we can tell accurately our population growth and provide accurately the needed social-economic amenities and many more.

I will not rule-out the place of behavior in Human Resources Development. This is very important because behaviors are not acquired in academic institution; they are acquired from the family. A rude and arrogant father will most likely breed a rude and child, though he never which to, but it is an acquired trait which will not be known to him when the child acquired it. To therefore build a country of our dream where culture and ethics are applied at every facet of life, we have to be what we want our children, the next generation of Nigeria, to be. If their behaviors must improve, ours must first improve. If their spoken English must improve, ours must first improve. If they must respond to situations rationally, we must first respond in like manners. Charity, they say begins at home. Therefore, it we see Nigeria as divided, they will see it as divided and will work to achieve our dream, no amount of preaching will change it. If we keep saying Nigeria cannot be like other advance nations, so everyone should steal as much as he or she can for their children, the same will they do and say to their children and on and on and on it will go.

At this point, I make bold to say, and advance Human Resources Nigeria is possible by 2045, then Nigerians shall man Nigeria and Nigerians will be exported as expatriates in millions. She will no longer import expatriates, shell will no longer import things she can provide, she will then provide form African countries their needs and support them to grow. Then Nigerians will be proud to say “I am Nigerian”   anywhere on planet earth and we will then be called the GREAT NIGERIA, THE GIANT OF AFRICA!!

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