President Obama’s Brother to be Trump’s Guest at 3rd Presidential Debate

According to the Telegraph,Obama’s brother Malik will attend the third and final debate. So what is the big deal? He will be cheering on#Donald Trump instead of Hillary. Malik has been a Trump fan since day one according to the Telegraph. Malik feels that Trump will be a better president than Hillary.

This comes as a shock to many Americans because President #Obama has been on a smear mission. According to Michelle, if Trump gets elected, that will ruin all the work that the Obamas have done. So to many Americans, jaws are hitting the floor after this breaking news. The big question is: how does the president feel about this?

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The second debate surprise

As we all know, Trump had four special guests to appear at the last debate. The alleged victims of Bill Clinton’s rape scandals. Four of the alleged victims came to a press conference held by Trump. Many of the press were there during the surprise, but there has not been much coverage of the event. There has not been much coverage of the Clinton emails or the allegedClinton Foundation scandal.

So what gives? According to the telegraph, there has been partiality shown toward Hillary by the media. All and all, the Trump supporters have felt like this whole election is unfair. With accusations of rigged elections, the world sits back and wonders  who will win. After last debate, the world knows that Hillary will retaliate.

What Will Obama’s brother do to help Trump’s chances?

The presence of the president’s brother at the debate will shake the Clinton camp. At least that is what Trump supporters say. But as stated above, Hillary will have a plan as well. So what will be Hillary’s surprise? This debate is estimated to have the most views of any debate in history. That is according to the major media outlets. Also estimated, this election will have the largest voter turnout in history.

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All of these questions and more await tonight’s debate. What does Malik say? “I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik Obamatold the New York Post. What will the president say? We will see you at the debate. #2016 Presidential Debates