Mumbai taxi crashes on divider leaving 6 dead after ; 3 others injured

New Delhi: Six people were instantly killed on Saturday morning when a Kaali Peeli taxi in Mumbai carrying nine passengers crashed straight into a divider on the Eastern Freeway.

In the incident, four women passengers were killed along with a middle-aged man and a teenage girl. The gruesome accident took place around 9 am on Saturday morning on the south bound end of the Eastern Freeway where it connects to the P D’mello road.

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The injured persons in the incident were the driver of the Hyundai Santro and two other boys aged 14 and 21. They have been admitted to the JJ Hospital.

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Police investigation into the incident has revealed that the driver was driving at high speed on the freeway which evidently caused him to lose control.

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“He hit the divider twice and had jumped out of the car, while his passengers died inside. The driver is seriously injured and we have not been able to record his statement,” said the police.