ISIS Threatens To Attack Paris Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 – Report

A possible terrorist threat had been looming over the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, while executives were extremely worried.

On Monday, it was announced by officials for the event, that the show would be conducted next month in Paris. It was quite usual for the Victoria’s Secret to make such announcements during Sprint time.

It was reported that event executives had made up their mind about hosting the show in Paris months ago. However, the executives were in constant fear about the details getting leaked and that would give terrorists time to plan an attack.

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According to TMZ, it was informed to the press that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show officials had been working confidentially with French national security agencies to keep the probable terrorist plots at bay.

There were a lot of reasons for these fears. It is already common knowledge that the show itself was a very high-profile event, adding to that was the amount of big celebrities who would attend the event. This made the event a highly vulnerable target. Due to these reasons, the location or the exact venue for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had not yet been disclosed.

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This year, however, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is not the only beauty event to come under threat from ISIS. Early reports stated that, the Miss Universe beauty pageant was also under terrorist threat. The Miss Universe 2017 event would be taking place in Manila, Philippines during the month of January.

It was reported in August that an online video was released, which showed how to execute a suicide bombing, while referring to a possible attack during the next Miss Universe pageant.

Site Intel Group, the counterterrorism organization had also been talking about the growing fear regarding ISIS in the Philippines.

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According to a report by Morning News USA, ISIS had been strengthening a powerful support base in South East Asia. It also reported about the southern Philippine island of Mindanao which was home to Muslims Filipinos.

In actuality, it had been decades that local extremism was running and rampaging the nation of Philippines. As of now, the local organizers of the pageant contest were still undecided about the selection of the venue and its announcement.