‘In 20 years, Europe could become an Islamic continent’

“Taking good care of your house, your city and your culture.” It is the warning that the Iraqi priest Behnam Benoka makes Europeans.

Behnam Benoka Iraqi priest warns Europeans: “Taking good care of your house, your city and your culture” to avoid or at least intentar- the place where they live to become “an Islamic continent in the next 20 years.”

Since the self-styled Islamic State terrorists took the city of Mosul, the Benoka priest moved to Ankawa, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where he is parochial vicar. As recorded Aciprensa, religious teaches philosophy at the Faculty of Theology of the Chaldean Patriarchate and has founded several medical centers dedicated to refugees in the region of Erbil.

What will happen in ten, fifteen or twenty years of European culture?

“Think of the hundreds of thousands of people who come to Europe, they are now within Europe, millions and millions of people who do not bring European culture.So what will be in ten, fifteen or twenty years of European culture? ? HM Television – Will a European culture the footsteps of the Nazarene, “the EUK Mamie Foundation”, the priest, interviewed for the program asks “.

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“Iraq was largely Christian, like Spain a while, like Italy, like Germany does. Now we are a tiny minority, “he recalls the Iraqi priest while regretting that” we also receive others in our city and homes. Today we are a small minority, considered as nothing.We have been thrown out. The Constitution does not even have us in mind. ”

“European Constitution Imagine if one day Europe has a Muslim majority, is it like today? No, it will be like our Constitution! So you will have to eventually live and obey a Constitution that is not part of European culture, “says Behnam.

The priest insists that far from their statements may “seem telling a fable,” his experience is “a fact of a fait accompli, something that has happened to us.”

“ISIS militants caught Muhammad as an example of life. Period! This is the ISIS! The ISIS as such are common people, are normal Muslims. They have not come out of the earth. When they speak or when they do anything, they do so based on the Koran, “says Behnam Benoka.

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‘I pray for the Christians of Europe, so they can defend their Christian identity’

According to the priest, 120,000 Christians fled the plain of Nineveh to Iraqi Kurdistan after the attack of the Islamic State two years ago.

“According to statistics, we have two thousand families living in containers. Another two thousand families live in houses rented by the local church, with the help of various organizations, especially Catholic organizations. And more families, between 4500-5000 families living in rented houses on their own. Themselves pay the rent of the house. ”

‘We thought we had many Muslim friends’

The religious denounced the “hypocrisy” of Muslims seemed to be on the side of Christians: “We thought we had many Muslim friends, but it seems it was not, because after our shift to northern Iraq, many residents Muslim families now in Mosul and Nineveh, our city, they entered our house, looking, people called their friends and saying, ‘Look, pal. I am so and so, I’m in your house, all your properties are now mine. ‘ ”

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Also, Behnam regrets the dramatic situation faced by the more than one million who have arrived in Kurdistan. “At first, the government gave medicines free or at least partially contributed to patients could acquire them. But two months ago, he has also taken this help. Whereupon, cancer patients must assume the entire cost of their medicines. This means five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars a month. This is life or death. A tablet can guarantee the life, and the lack of it, perhaps can result in death of the person. ”

“We go to different refugee camps where Sunnis, Shias, Yazidis, Christians and we see no difference between the daily life of Christians in the refugee camp, and what we see happening in other fields. In other fields have crime problems, have many serious problems, “says the religious, noting that despite the physical and moral suffering, faith sustains them.