10 Things every Man should Do for a Woman without been Told


Women do not actually want too much from men. Things that make them happy are not always things that are out of the reach of a man; they are things that men can actually offer unless they just wish not to. The interesting thing here is that a woman loves and appreciates it most when she doesn’t have to tell her man every bit of thing she wants, and the man just knows and does them. You’ll be the best man to your woman, if you know and do these 10 major things that are discussed below without being told.

1. Always tell her you love her – Women Love to Hear it too

It is most ideal to do this on a daily basis. Men enjoy hearing from their women how much they are loved but on most cases, they forget that women deserve this verbal compliment too. This may be because men always feel they’ve got several other ways to express their love, but this is wrong. Do not assume she knows it, she needs to hear you say, ‘I Love You’ to her as many times as possible. She never gets fed up with that!

2. Take her out – A Woman Will Feel Spoilt by it

A Woman enjoys dates especially when it is initiated by the man. She wouldn’t love to be making demands for a date to her man time and again. To get the best out of your lady, take her out to interesting places as regularly as possible, depending on how much time and fund available to you.

3. Always remember her Birthday – It wows her

No lady would love to remind her man every year of her birthday; it simply tells her you do not have her in your list of priorities. It gives a woman utmost joy when her man remembers her birthday and makes provisions for the celebration.

4. Be transparent – Tell her everything

Its one of the nicest things to share your experiences with the lady you profess to love without being forced to do so. It makes her feel bad and estranged when she has to sniff information out of you on most occasions. She will be like, “I’m your girlfriend for crying out loud”. On the other better hand, she feels at home and secure when you share most vital information with her. It may not necessarily be all but you need to clear the doubts and make her happy by just being transparent.

5. Listen to her – Women Appreciate Being Listened To

Being a good listener is one of the attributes women cherish most in men. It is true that women are naturally talkative, but that’s never a guarantee to giving her deaf ears when she talks. It’ll be most wonderful between couples if the man is ever ready to listen to her. It gives her a great sense of value and comfort. Spice up your relationship today by not making your girl to beg to be listened to.

6. Tolerate her – Women Need a lot of Tolerance

It will be very wonderful if every man understands that it take a high degree of tolerance to love and live happily with a woman. Never think that you are the only one tolerating because tolerance is a two-way thing, she’s really tolerating a great deal on your own behalf without you even knowing it. Don’t always pick on the little things, but just let them go. Do not shout her down but show her compassion even when she misbehaves.

7. Value her – Women are Made to Be Valued

He doesn’t value me”. If you have heard this statement from a lady then you would know that every lady expects her man to value and appreciate her; after all you asked her out for a reason. She doesn’t need to tell you that you should make her mean the world to you before you do so; she expects it always from you. She expects her man to value her, cherish her and make everyone else wonder at how much you love. In short, this is one thing every lady wants.

8. Stand up for her – Women Cherish Security

Every lady expects her man to stand up for her. She knows she’s priceless to you and she expects you to show it by being there for her. Standing up for her doesn’t necessarily mean fighting with some other guy: it means being there for her at all times, it means being her man not just when you’re inside but outside as well, it means showing the world you care about her without minding who’s watching.

9. Try changing little but hurting habits – They Irritate

There are little habits men tend to overlook in relationships which mean a lot to women. Do not wait for her to recount it to you because she wouldn’t love to. Once you are aware they are offensive to her, please avoid them. Things like a little mess up of the conveniences, leaving dirty clothes on the bed, not hanging the towel after shower, etc. You may be surprised that changing them for the better will do a lot to make your relationship better.

10. Compliment her – Every Woman Adores Compliments

There are no creatures in the world that love compliments like women. To them, it not only feels good, but its just amazing and mind blowing! It is as sweet as sugar when it comes from every other person, but as sweet as honey when it comes from the one she loves. Compliment on her outfit, hairstyle, and good looks generally. Never get tired of doing this because the impact is NEVER QUANTIFIABLE!

So guys, you ought to have this at the back of your head if you’re in that relationship with a woman you truly care about; she expects this from you. With these tips, you are on the platform for the best relationship ever and your lady will ever remain grateful to you.


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