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Top 2016 Games for PSP

In 2016 the producers of one of the most popular portable consoles have pleased us with interesting new developments: games in the genre of RPG, Action, Adventure, Simulation and Racing – you will not get bored. Guaranteed!!

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion

Genre: Action RPG

This version of the legendary game proved to be graphically advanced and rich in various types of content.

There are 8 classes to choose among in Oblivion: a monk, a night sword, a barbarian, an archer, a knight, a warrior of words, a warlock and a war sorcerer. There are over 10 types of enemies, including the Daedra, Dremora, goblin warriors, killers, trolls and ogres. The role system is substantially similar to the one in Oblivion.

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Saints Row: Undercover

Genre: Action

Saints Row: Undercover was supposed to be a response to the Volition portable editions of Grand Theft Auto, also released on PSP.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the creators have managed to create an amazing prototype. The developers of the series decided not to limit themselves to bikes only…

Sid Meier’s Pirates

Genre: Strategy

Staff your team and set off in search of treasures, glory and new thrills all across the sea space!

The storyline suggests trying to figure out the mystery of missing relatives – either as a positive character, the king servant, or as a sea pirate, the threat of the Caribbean!

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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law

Genre: Adventure

In the course of the game you will make company for Harvey in a variety of comic situations.

Each of the 5 stories deals with the popular “winged fighter for justice” from the famous TV-show. In order to prove the innocence of his client, Harvey will have to collect a bunch of evidence, investigate the crime scene, question the witnesses, and even toss off a drink with his court opponent.



Genre: Platformer

Daxter is a game developed exclusively for the PSP. This game brought Jak and Daxter TV show to the next level. It is Dex, who used to play the second fiddle, now becomes the protagonist of dangerous adventures.

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The modest size of this funny beast does not make its living easy, but its righteous anger and persistence will sweep away all barriers. Thanks to wireless WiFi-connection the game allows two to four players to participate in adventures.

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