French Police May Interrogate Indian ISIS Recruit in connection to Attacks in Paris That Killed 100

Bengaluru, Oct 24: The French police are likely to question Indian ISIS recruit, Subhani Haja Moideen after he revealed that he knew the Paris attackers. Moideen, who was arrested from Tamil Nadu recently, claimed before the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that he knew the Paris attacker, Abdeilhamid Abaaoud and Sarah Abdeslam.

The Paris attack took place last November in which over 100 people had died. ISIS had claimed responsibility for the attack.

 After Moideen was arrested, he was shown photographs of the attackers. While recognising the attackers, he told the NIA that he knew them. He, however, added that he was not aware of the Paris plot and got to know about the attack only after his return to India.

He also told them that he did not know their names. He said while he was in Mosul, Iraq, he was in a camp which was close to where the Paris attackers were staying. He said that they were addressed as al-Francisi.

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The NIA has informed French officials and also contacted the embassy in India. The French police are likely to question him after the due process is followed, an official informed.

Moideen, a resident of Tirunelveli, had joined the ISIS in 2015. He, however, claimed that he was shaken badly by the bloodshed in Iraq. He decided to leave Iraq.

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When he informed the ISIS handler about it, his informer was angry and Moideen was jailed. He claims that they let him off following which he returned to India.

Upon his return, he took up a job as a salesperson. However, a few months later he was back to surfing ISIS sites and decided on setting up a module in South India.

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