Emirates Airline and Kenya Airways Stop Flights to Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Emirates airline and Kenya Airways are halting flights to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, where airlines have been cutting back because of difficulties as the country is entrenched in recession.

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The airlines will continue flights to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. This comes after United Airline and Iberia pulled out of Nigeria in August, when the government owed international airlines $600 million in sales blocked by a chronic foreign currency shortage caused by slumped oil prices. In September, two Nigerian airlines suspended operations.

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Emirates said Wednesday the airline is suspending flights from Abuja to Dubai on Oct. 30. Kenya Airways is stopping Abuja-Nairobi flights Nov. 15.

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Foreign airlines lost $240 million when their ticket sales were paid out at a much-devalued rate of the Nigerian naira to the dollar.