Elizabeth Warren rips Donald Trump for ‘humiliating women’ in her own Twitter rant

Hours after Donald Trump took aim at a former “Miss Universe” contestant in an early morning Twitter rant, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., condemned the Republican presidential nominee in her own social media tirade.

Warren, who has repeatedly exchanged barbs with the businessman throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, accused Trump of criticizing women on social media instead of focusing on issues like college affordability, Wall Street oversight and Social Security.

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Referencing the GOP nominee’s early morning tweets directed at Democratic presidential nomineeHillary Clinton and campaign surrogate Alicia Machado, a former “Miss Universe” winner, the Massachusetts Democrat asked if “thinking of new (and) interesting ways to call women fat or ugly or sluts?” is what keeps Trump up at night.

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Warren, who has campaigned for Clinton, contended that the businessman doesn’t “tweet at 3 a.m. with ways to help students getting crushed by debt or seniors struggling on Social Security” or about how to create new jobs for workers and to enhance Wall Street accountability.