Electric Bicycles

CheapElectricBicycles.com is a review site, which comprises info about electric bicycles. How cheap they are - judge for yourself. For example, an electric bicycle whose price is about five hundred dollars is considered cheap - this is the lowest market price. As the name of the web site CheapElectricBicycles.com probably hints, you can expect to find similarly priced e-cycles.

Electric Bicycles

Information for Electric Bicycles

At CheapElectricBicycles.com, you will also find exhaustive info about four electric bicycles assembled by Currie Tech - Via Lento, Via Rapido, Skyline and Trailz. CheapElectricBicycles.com provides info about the strong and weak sides of the e-bikes and clarifies why they are comparatively cheap.

Collection of Electric Bicycles

At CheapElectricBicycles.com, you can take a glance at six e-bikes designed by the two main e-bike fabricators - Electric Wheels and Currie Tech. CheapElectricBicycles.com includes exhaustive information about EW-620 and EW-624 (for ladies and gentlemen respectively) - two electric bicycles tailored by Electric Wheels. By clicking on a picture on the home page, you will be taken to a page containing more images as well as in-depth information on the technical specifications of the respective e-bike. On each page you will notice a link to Amazon.com where you can buy the respective bike.