Death Of President Buhari is Not the Solution to Nigeria Problem

I have come to realize that nations, great and small all fight for their right when things are going wrong. Yes it is a fact that fighting for a just course is the only way to improvement and betterment. The mass weapon of democracy that other nations have applied to bring about positive change seems to be unknown to the people of Nigeria, or maybe there is another devilish weapon they have discovered to changing leaders.

This weapon am beginning to see will someday make this land the most evil land on earth where the people wish their less performing leaders death to change them. If this weapon will be established as productive in ousting political leaders, please you leaders who are in support of it be ware, it will also be used for you. Parents who are encouraging their children by means of wishing that President Buhari should die, if you too are not doing what you need to do, your children seeing that your death wishes for President Buhari works, they will apply that seem weapon to take you out of their way.

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What is witchcraftery? If it is not the evil wishes of the human mind,  so if wishing  leaders death is now a solution, then is witchcraftery a solution? or has the vast majority of Nigerians now taken to witchcraftery as a solution.

Dear fellow Nigerians, the problems of this country does not lie in the hand of any single president that comes into power, it lies on the entire governmental system of Nigeria. If this evil, demonic, greedy and divided ideology of those in power and outside power is not curtailed, Nigeria will again experience another round of death wishes.

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South, North, East and West Nigeria, this ideology still holds, and it is the number one problem of this Country. The fact that you are from the South, North, East or West means you are not one with the other person. We have told ourselves this lies for so long that Nigeria is one, but the truth is the She is not and never will be. SEPARATION

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For the past forty years I have lived in this Land, NO present president has been better than the past, ask yourself why.

The cost of living has not change for the better with the coming in of a new government, it has all increased higher, so if this increase of hardship seems to be faster than the others, that does not mean the next president will make it better without the change of what I have earlier mentioned.

I will rather advise we stand up to our right, fight like wise men and women and not like witchcrafts.  Demand for the hard truth to be told.