Central China province reports first Zika case

Central China’s Henan Province announced its first Zika case on Tuesday, with the patient described to be in stable condition, according to local health authorities.

It is the 23rd Zika case reported on the Chinese mainland, said an official with the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Henan.

The patient, a 28-year-old man, arrived at the airport of Zhengzhou, capital of Henan, last Thursday morning. The infrared radiation thermometer at the airport detected his temperature to be 37.6 degrees Celsius.

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The man told doctors that he had been suffering from a fever, headaches and a sore throat for four days, and he had a rash on his body.

Before returning to China, he had worked for two months in Guatemala. He went to the United States last Tuesday and flew back via Seoul.

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The passenger denied being bitten by a mosquito over the past two weeks. He also ruled out the possibility of other transmission channels such as sex, blood transfusions or contact with Zika-infected people.

He was confirmed to have Zika after his urine and saliva tested positive on Monday.

He has been quarantined, and local authorities didn’t find Zika symptoms in other passengers on the same flight.

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Zika virus is acquired through bites from infected Aedes aegypti mosquitos. Common symptoms include fever, skin rash and joint pains. It can also cause microcephaly, brain malformations and other birth defects if a pregnant woman is infected.

According to the China Central Television, at least 30 Chinese nationals were confirmed to be infected with Zika in Singapore.