Bryan Adams at 57, Facts you Need to Know

An iconic and influential man in the history of music, Bryan Guy Adams, was born on November 5, 1959. To this day,  Bryan Adams continues to be one of the music’s most acclaimed live performers. He is a rock singer, guitarist, songwriter and photographer.The man is rocking his 57th birthday today. Did you know that Adams dropped out of school so that he could save some money for a guitar?


Rocking his 57th birthday today, listed are some facts you should definitely know about the Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and social activist:


  • In 1978, Adams signed to A&M records for only one USD
  • Adams was one of the four musicians who were pictured on the second series of the Canadian Recording Artist Series to be issued by Canada Post stamps. A total number of one and a half million Bryan Adams stamps were printed
  • Most of Adams’s philanthropic activity is focused on ‘The Bryan Adams Foundation’. The foundation aims to advance education and learning opportunities for children and young people worldwide
  • The Bryan Adams Foundation is mostly funded by Adams himself
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  • Bryan Adams worked as a dish washer to save money for a guitar when he was only 14
  • He gave a lot of auditions in his early teens and as soon as one of the auditions got him a job, he quit school
  • In his first job, he used to go on the road and play underage in nightclubs with bar bands like Shock and a short stint with Sweeney Todd
  • By the age of 17, Adams had quit touring and had started working in the Vancouver studio scene, as a background vocalist for the CBC and other artists
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  • Since the 1980s, Adams has participated in concerts and other activities to help raise money and awareness for a variety of causes
  • In 2006, Adams became the first Western artist to perform in Karachi, Pakistan after the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks
  • Adams also works as a photographer. In 2015, he was given an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in London for his work in photography
  • He has sold nearly 70 million albums around the world
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  • In the year 1990, he was awarded with the Order of British Columbia
  • He has been the recipient of more than fifteen Juno Awards over the course of his career.