Australia Woman asked to do the ‘dirtiest thing’, had sex with dog

Shocking text messages have emerged from the trial of an Australian woman convicted of having sex romps with her pit bull.

Court was told that Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, was encouraged by her boyfriend Tristan to copulate with the canine — and then have sex with him.

In one series of text messages, Driscoll was asked to film herself doing the “dirtiest thing” she could possibly think of, the Daily Mirror reports.

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And that led to her having sex with the pit bull and filming it on several occasions.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the pit bull pervert.

In one exchange, Driscoll complained to Tristan that the poor pooch was hiding under the bed and wouldn’t come out.

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She texted her beau: “He won’t do it I can’t get him to do it what’s wrong with me.”

The exchanges were part of evidence used against the fido fornicator.

Police discovered the twisted videos during a drug investigation involving Driscoll.

In another exchange, Tristan suggested she “set the camera up so she isn’t holding the camera”.

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He added: “I’ll never stop wanting you to do this type of stuff”, and called her a “filthy wh—.”

She pleaded guilty to bestiality charges but was given probation because of her difficult background and the humiliation she had already suffered. She also stabbed a woman and bit a child.