27 Years Old Banker Marries a Mad Man for Twenty Million Naira

In Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria lives a wealthy man, Mr Alfred Akpefe, with two daughters and a son; their names are Esther, Fegor and Thomson respectively. Their Mother Mr. Kike Akpefe, lovely, caring and humble woman died immediately after having Thomson. The pains permeated Mr Alfred soul and decided never to marry any more, but focus his mind on building his Oil & Gas Company for his children to inherit while he is old. This decision was easy for him to take because Esther and Fegor where already Fourteen and Twelve years old respectively. So they played the role of their mother in taking caring of little Thomson with the help of an employed caregiver.

Mr. Alfred Business kept booming and he lavished his wealth on his family, going for vacations all over the world just to make them happy and for them to know that he cares. When Thomson turned Twelve, Mr. Alfred decided to send Esther and Fegor to the United State of America for their Master’s Degrees while he looked after Thomson.  He wanted Thomson to understand the Oil and Gas business when he is of age, so, he will take Thomson to his office and  explain some of the terminologies of the business to him.

Two Year later Esther got married to a British-American Lawyer who she met at the university where she acquired her Master’s Degree. While Fegor returned to Nigeria to join Mr. Alfred in the Management of their family business as their Father always calls it. Now Thomson has turned Fourteen and was very smart due to how Mr. Alfred brought him up. On Fegor’s return, she suggested that Thomson should join Esther and her husband in the States so he can further his education there. This Idea was not pleasing to their father because he never wanted to live a day without ‘Tom’ as he normally calls him. After several promises by Fegor and Thomson that he will be back immediately after his Master’s Degree, he accepted and a month later Thomson left for the States

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Fegor and their father kept the family business flowing and they were really successful. Years later after Thomson has acquired his Master’s, Fegor called him to call home as they had promised their father, but he didn’t, because of his white fiancée who never wanted him to return to Nigeria. When Thomson turned thirty he convinced his fiancée to come with him to Nigeria because the father is old now and if he did not come home his father might not leave any inheritance for him, so they both agreed to come home.

It was a Saturday evening; Fegor has called for a welcome party for her only brother who most of her friend has not seen before. Everyone was happy to see Thomson and his fiancée and the party started. There were some much to eat and drink, to the amazement of the white Lady, Thomson family was the best African family she had ever met, with so much love for her. But suddenly the party was shattered, Thomson has just run mad, everyone thought he was drunk, but his fiancée said he never gets drunk. They bundled him and that was the end of the joyful welcome celebration. The following day he was flew back to the state. One year later, Thomson was not yet sane, his fiancée left him and there was nothing they could do but to return him back to Nigeria.

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One Morning, Fegor was up early crying, her husband came consoling her, she cried and cried. But suddenly she stopped crying, ‘I have an Idea she said’. Her husband was surprised what could be the idea, but she never explained anything to her husband. In the morning she dressed got to the office attended to here normal task as the Managing Director. Thereafter she called Esther and suggested that Thomson can still have a baby that will wipe away their tears. Esther never understood her, then she unveil the idea that they should talk to their friends and offer any Lady who will marry Thomson the sum of Twenty Million Naira (N20, 000,000.00). Esther was speechless, ‘are you sure it will work? She asked.’ It will’ replied Fegor.  So they began to talk to friends and friends to friends.

27 Years Old Banker Married a Mad Man JessyNews

It was a Monday morning when, one of Esther’s friend walk into the Bank and saw this ravishingly beauty Banker who is about Twenty Seven, she approached her and asked if she walks at the bank she said yes as a marketer, so Esther’s friend Trancy invited her to her office. Two days later Timi, the Banker, honored the Trancy’s invitation thinking it was a banking transaction meeting. When she arrived Trancy sold the Idea to Timi, told her all she will have, that the Twenty Million Naira was not the main thing, that her child if it be a boy will inherit 70% of the family business.  Timi, was surprised and confused, never knew what to say. She just stood up and said ‘thank you Ma, I have to leave now.

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All through that Night Timi could not close her eyes. The following morning she decided to visit the Akpefe’s Oil & Gas Company. When she got there she was amazed at the structure and magnificence of the office. She ask to see the Managing Director, then the  receptionist directed her and she went in, sat down and was marketing her bank product to Fegor, but Fegor was actually not listening and suddenly tears rolled her check. “There was this feeling of pains that I felt when I saw her tears” as Timi told us. She stood up and left with tears also running down her check.

To cut the long story short, Timi took the offer to put smile on Fegor’s face and not for the Twenty Million Naira only, according to her. Today she is eight months pregnant for Thomson and they are expecting a baby boy. Fegor, Esther and their 77 years old father are all happy and proposing to name the child after his father.

This is a true life story, but the names and locations were changed for security and privacy reasons. The question now is, if you were Thomson’s sister, will you do what Fegor did? Or if you heard about  this proposal, will you marry Thomson?

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